To hear better is to live better.

A leading manufacturer is offering a field-test to try out a new technology that supports the way your hearing naturally works.

These revolutionary hearing aids work as one system to pick up all the sounds around you, balancing them to perfection for a clear, accurate hearing experience.

This new technology is meant for people just like you to finally hear important sounds – voices, music, television – without the annoying background noise.

New hearing instrument technology allows you to:

  • Hear in restaurants – filters out noises, tunes in voices.
  • Improve phone calls – by adjusting both hearing aids.
  • Lean in for hugs – without the buzz or whistle.
  • Connect to TV, cell phone or other devices – with no wires.

Test-Trial Dates:

Wednesday, February 7th

Thursday, February 8th

Friday, February 9th

Press Release:

The Hearing Connection as a leading site in New York has been chosen to run preliminary studies on a revolutionary hearing device.

The manufacturer of this revolutionary new hearing device technology has released this product in the Massapequa area for distribution through The Hearing Connection.

This exciting new hearing device is engineered to be nearly invisible and dramatically
reduce background noise. Users of this new device can easily enjoy conversations or
the rich detailed sounds when listening to music or TV. Recent field study candidates
have reported that wearing the new hearing device technology is effortless and pleasurable.

Test-Trial Candidates Wanted:

Qualified candidates will wear the new hearing technology for 7 days. Candidates will assess performance in real-world situations for the purpose of determining the need for a hearing device. Product is available for immediate distribution.

How to Apply:

This test-trial is only available to the first 35 qualified applicants.

Call The Hearing Connection now to determine if you are a potential test-trial candidate: (516) 308-9251

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