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Dr Griffin

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In her 25 years of practice, Dr. MaryMargaret Griffin is recognized by her patients as an exemplary and knowledgeable provider of hearing care. Dr. Griffin has over 20 years of experience as a private practice owner and person-centered audiologist, helping to meet the individual needs of every patient’s hearing journey utilizing best practices.

Dr. MaryMargaret Griffin establishes and maintains lifelong relationships with her patients. She has unique skills in the assessment and treatment of each patient and in the creation of goals that she facilitated, along with her patients, to achieve exceptional outcomes.

What Are Best Practices?

The Best Practice Hearing Up Network was developed and created by Dr. Cliff Olson to help people find audiologists who follow best practices. Best practices were developed based on review of evidence and established guidelines in 4 general areas: assessment and goal setting, technical aspects of treatment, orientation, counseling, follow up, and assessing outcomes using verification and validation.

Dr. MaryMargaret Griffin and the Hearing Up Network are a perfect fit since their ideologies for best practices are in alignment.

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